What we do

How can we help you?

We all have ideas. 
Every day, we come up with solutions to every day issues that we face as parents, in our professional capacities, our communities. 

Most of us will not do anything about them. 
Some of us will itch to do something about them.  But not know where and how to get started in order to bring it to the world.  


Maybe you are a Silicon Valley software developer and have an idea about an app.
Or a mechanical engineer working on your own mobility invention on your spare time.
Or even an expert in AI who wants to develop a B2C solution.

Not sure how to start building your case? How to formulate your story? How to tackle the business plan? 

Before you quit your day job and call yourself a start up, look for investors and dream big. 

Reach out and we will help you: 

_build your story

       Most people, when they have an idea they want to work on, they usually directly jump in to investigating all possible solutions. 
       Building a business around the idea, reviewing financials, business plans are all important to get the idea on the runway. 

       Crafting the story around your idea is equally significant to capture the attention of those who will potentially finance it as well as 
       your customer. Well crafted stories, which succeed in engaging people on a deeper level, are most effective in influencing decisions.
            Storytelling is at the heart of any successful businessWe will help you build that story. So it has a chance to take off!

_build your marketing
       Defining the problem you are trying to solve, why you are doing this, who the stakeholders and potential customers are, will greatly                   affect what solution you will be delivering.  Marketing is an integral part of the process, it does not come at the end!

_build your strategy

       The idea is the starting point. What you do with it next is what will make a difference.  We will guide you through the different stages,                from concept to materialisation, challenge you along the way and help you find the best strategy that fits your idea. 

_build your pitch

       Bringing all the elements together into a coherent story that flows, identifying and highlighting its uniqueness and grabbing the 
       attention of your audience is what we are great at. We help you package and tie everything together!